Imago: Insect Entomology Set

Centuries ago, the study and mounting of insects was once an elegant pastime for elite society. It was much a science as it was an art. Today, the results of entomology are considered beautiful and artisanal, but the process is regarded as gritty and almost gruesome. I designed a functional package that bridges this gap, between beauty and brutality, and science and art.

The package is built out of translucent acrylic to mimic the membrane of wings, and also opens in a wing-like motion. The "chrysalis" in the center of the box houses the heaviest tools needed to prepare and mount a specimen. All typography and illustrations have been laser-etched into the surface, to maintain an ethereal and weightless feeling. Equal consideration was given to functionality, and the acrylic package sits in a work station that stores smaller tools.

✹ Graphic Design USA American Design Awards, 2019
✹ Indigo Design Award 2019 “Packaging Design”, Bronze

imago-top (1).jpg