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identity system


An Eye-Catching System That Celebrates the Vibrancy of the Food and Integrity of an Up-Scale Establishment.

An Identity System for Serpico, a restaurant in Philadelphia known for their “playful” and unusual food. Though their food is bright and abstract, their interior is dark, industrial and minimal. I found the juxtaposition of the food and architecture to be uniquely striking. 

My design system is inspired by the contrast between the restaurant’s industrial interior and vibrant food. I visually recreated the dishes with abstract patterns, a result of hundreds of individual ink daubs that were scanned, colorized and meticulously arranged. I contrasted these brighter elements by interrupting them with minimal pieces. Like the restaurant, these two styles intentionally never mingle, and instead, interrupt and play off of each other. 

I placed equal importance on form and function. To meet the needs of a seasonal menu, I engineered a sleek menu with removable inner pages. In addition, I designed a smaller “Prix Fixe” menu that is held in place by an elastic band, and can be removed and left with patrons at will. 

This project was exhibited in AIGA Philadelphia's  "Represent: An Exhibition of Student Projects from Universities and Colleges in the Philadelphia Region" in November 201

✹ Graphic Design USA American Design Awards, 2019
✹ Indigo Design Award 2019 “Branding”, Silver
✹ AIGA Philadelphia “Represent: An Exhibition of Student Projects…”, November 2017

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